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of the Lumbar Column

Lower part of the spine, the lumbar spine is highly stressed biomechanically since it transmits forces from the lower limbs, the pelvis and the thorax and ensures coordination between the lower and the upper body, fundamental in daily and sporting gestures.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

It consists of 5 vertebrae between the thoracic vertebrae with the ribs of the costal grill (12 ribs) and the pelvis.

In the center, the spinal canal receives and protects the last nerve roots, in particular from the lower limb (crucial nerve root (thigh) and sciatica).

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In front the vertebral bodies are articulated through the intervertebral discs (Fibrocartilage) and behind by the posterior joints, the lumbar muscles behind and the right and oblique abdominals in front ensure the dynamic stability of the lumbar spine.


We will not talk about sciatica pain by nerve compensation of disc origin, but very common and often chronic low back pain (lumbar pain) generally linked to a muscle deficit.


The Rhenwing sole will provide me with cushioning and reduce impact forces by more than 40%, in other words it will reduce vibrations to relieve and treat pain points depending on the pathologies. Scientific tests have validated the fact that the sole will reduce the shock wave at the cervical level by 12%.

In addition, the dynamic thermoformable arch of the rhenwing soles will provide you with lasting comfort and stability.

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  • Make an appointment with a specialist or Le Professeur in Visio consultation.

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  • Pass MRI + XR

  • Rehabilitation of the lumbar abdominal muscles (cladding)

  • Rhenwing Hybrid sole or Easyfeet Thermoformable sole.

Lyon 1 3D anatomy video illustrating the spine

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