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Due to his experience in the treatment of sports trauma, in particular in high-performing athletes, Professor Jean-Luc Rhenter, specialist in orthopedic, trauma and sports surgery, has developed an anatomical insole with selective damping which has many worldwide patents.


The Rhenwing insole considerably improves foot comfort when walking or running and greatly reduces (by at least 40%) the impact experienced by the foot when walking, running and jumping, whilst restoring energy. It thus has a positive effect on the foot and ankle and also on the knee and lumbar spine.


The quality of manufacture, biomechanical studies, numerous tests and trials with top athletes, prove that the Rhenwing insole provides the best cushioning available today. The sole restores the energy of the impact.

In addition, the Rhenwing insole does not block the arch of the foot, allowing the foot to retain and protect its main shock absorber.

Infact, the architecture of the Rhenwing insole and its bicomposite materials stabilize the foot on impact. The energy impulse is returned with excellent stabilization of the foot in all three planes which eliminates unnatural movements.

Tests show that the combination of quality cushioning, energy return, foot stabilization and self-training are the major characteristics of the Rhenwing insole.

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