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The Team talks about Rhenwing soles and their benefits

We have been accompanying the Trail Running Craft Salming Team for over a year and we asked them to share their experiences with you with our soles. The athletes of this Team are Expert in Trail and Running. To find out more about the members of the Team, you can find them on our Ambassadors page.

Trail runners are often afraid of adding weight and thickness to their shoes. What can you tell us about this?

The soles are minimalist: light and thin. The objective is not to re-educate, nor to deform the work of the foot. On the contrary, the soles provide more sensations while protecting the tendons.

Do you find an improvement in joint protection?

Indeed, for inflammation of the Achilles tendons, Rhenwing insoles are very effective.

The team riders who use them did not have orthopedic insoles at the base. We are looking for comfort during long outings, and above all to avoid injuries related to the repetition of the gesture.

A quick final word?

Rhenwing soles, completely fan of this product !!

You know ?

To try urgently, the team have been wearing them for over a year now and we are delighted 😍

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